Lucy Luxe does Viva Las Vegas! Part 8: Pinup flying high!

Updated: Jan 2

It’s finally here! Time to blow this joint, jump on a plane and get my butt to Vegas for the biggest Rockabilly event EVER! My bags are packed, I’m bringing more than my own weight in luggage and I am ready for the best four days of my life meeting lots of incredible new people!

I’ve only flown long haul once before this and I made the mistake of wearing jeans. This time, I’m being smart! In a bid to be both comfortable but still stylin’, I’m rocking the worlds most comfortable leopard print pants. They could pass as PJ pants but I’m hoping the fact they are leopard print saves me. To team with the theme, I’m also sporting my leopard print neck pillow and my leopard print eye mask: MATCHING!

I’m actually intolerant to a bunch of foods (yes, even some cake ingredients despite how much I still insist on eating it) so I’ve packed some safe snacks and have requested a special “bland” meal (sounds appetising doesn’t it) on todays flight. Im hoping this will mean I arrive feeling fine and fabulous!

I positively HATE sitting still (I will be walking circles around the airport just to keep myself occupied for two hours) so I need some things to keep me occupied; I’ve loaded Tara Moss’ book onto my ipad as well as a couple of movies and I’m thinking I may use my ipad do to a bit of writing and keep my mind active as well.

I’m hoping this will also tire my hyperactive mind and I’ll be able to get some sleep on this flight! This is also my first opportunity to introduce you to Lucy doll who’ll be joining us for the festivities on the trip! Often small children like a toy to accompany them on their travels and I am no exception!

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